Tomorrow's company, today. This could well be Autorotor's logo.

Thirty years of experience, a deep technological know-how in manufacturing mechanical units for automation, manipulation and the like, makes Autorotor a unique Company.

Brand new, huge (8000 sq.m.) headquarters, a worldwide network of sister Companies and distributors are the symbol and the result of its increasing success. This is Autorotor.

Enter in reserved area to discover drawing and projects.

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Power drive units

Find the best machine you need, send us the data and get the right solution for you...>>

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IMAGE Mecspe 2018
Friday, 12 January 2018
Autorotor parteciperà al Mecspe la fiera di riferimento per l'industria manifatturiera che si è svolgerà a Parma dal 22 al 24 Marzo...
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