Sales conditions

Autorotor’s sales conditions are committing and the only ones valid.

No customer’s purchasing conditions are accepted, if contrary to Autorotor’s.

  1. Delivery dates are not committing.
  2. Quoted prices can be modified (before customer’s order is issued) in case of major changes in raw materials or labour costs, or in case of force majeure. In that case will be emitted another Confirmation Order.
  3. Goods are considered as delivered when they leave the manufacturer’s premises, even if freight has been, or will be, paid for by customer. So they are carried at customer’s risk.
  4. No damage or loss during transport will be refunded.
  5. Autorotor goods must be used in accordance with all safety laws/rules/regulations. Any modification to Autorotor goods must be made only at Autorotor premises and by Autorotor personnel.
  6. Quality complaints are accepted only if endorsed by Autorotor’s inspection department. Complained goods must be shipped (prepaid freight) by the customer to the manufacturer’s works for examination.
  7. In case of overdue payments, no further shipments will be made to the defaulter till the situation has been settled.
  8. WARRANTY: Autorotor Company guarantees its products for a period of 24 months (8 working hours per day) from the date of shipment from Autorotor’s plant. The warranty covers only the repair or replacement of parts that Autorotor, and Autorotor only, has deemed to be defective in themselves or mounted in a defective way. Replacement and/or repair will be made at Autorotor works in Vaiano Cremasco (CR), Italy; freight to and from Vaiano Cremasco (CR), Italy on customers. The warranty doesn’t cover those materials and parts which are submitted to natural wear or deterioration. No other compensation of any kind is envisaged by the warranty, neither can there be any question of claims for damages of any kind, direct or indirect, even in respect of temporarily suspended use of the merchandise purchased; this means, for example, that damages for loss of production, machine assembling or disassembling, travelling expenses of the Customer’s staff, etc., will not be refunded by Autorotor. The warranty ceases to be effective for products stored, installed, utilized or maintained in a wrong way and not in accordance to Autorotor’s instructions, or modified and/or repaired in any way whatsoever, or entirely or partially disassembled. The warranty doesn’t cover damages and/or defects deriving from external components (like motors, reducers, etc.) or their wrong assembly by the Customer. The external components are covered by the warranty of their manufacturers, whom Autorotor will submit every complaints concerning their products to. 
  9. Competent Court of Justice will be the one located in Crema

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