Torque tables are powered by a linear motor which has been rolled up.

Therefore they generate a very high torque and, with a proper encoder aboard, are very precise in positioning.

The most important pros of the torque tables vs. the mechanical ones are:

  • Higher acceleration/deceleration
  • Extremely rigid in motion
  • Higher precision in positioning, even up to 1 micron repeatability
  • Higher rotation speed
  • Higher peak torque
  • Higher efficiency (there are no reducers in the system)
  • Less maintenance, fewer pieces subject to wear
  • Smoother in motion
  • Bigger axial thru holes
  • Two or more units can operate in parallel driven by the same controls
  • Can be connected with all the most common control systems

The position control is assured by the most sophisticated measures.

The torque table can run with any suitable control and drive, as it is equipped with encoder and supply connectors, the same as for rotary brushless. 

On the table’s body you’ll find two connectors, for power and encoder. Said encoders are incremental or, on request, absolute.


  • Radius R: 160 mm
  • Repeatability error: ± 0.020 mm
  • Special repeatability error: ± 0.010 mm


Static loads:

  • Axial load: 1800 daN
  • Radial load: 1650 daN
  • Overturning torque: 38 daNm


Max speed: 500 rpm

Rated torque: 64 Nm

Peak torque: 120 Nm (picco)

Working positions

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