The same mechanism, the same reliability, the same precision as the mechanical index tables Series 5.
On the top of it, totally programmable by means of a PC, PLC or a dedicated panel.
It is possible to set the angle of rotation, the turning speed and the acceleration ramp.
The servomotor which moves the table is driven by a digital gear with integrated axis card.
The TE table can operate both within a bigger system (in this case its brand of electronics will be the same as the system’s) and autonomously, in medium-small very flexible structures.


  • Radius R: 80 mm
  • Repeatability error: ± 0.015 mm


Static Loads:

  • Axial load: 1800 daN
  • Radial load: 1650 daN
  • Overturning torque: 38 daNm

Working positions

Mounting positions

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