The same mechanics, the same reliability, the same accuracy of the Rings Rotary AR series. 
In addition, completely programmable via PC, PLC or HMI dedicated. 
You can define the angle of movement, the rotational speed and the acceleration ramp. 
The servo motor which drives the ring is driven by digital drive with integrated card axis.
The AT rings can act both within a larger structure (in this case the electronics would be of the same brand of that of the machine), which individually, in small-medium sized installations of high flexibility.


  • Radius R: 75 mm
  • Repeatability error: ± 0.08 mm


Static Loads:

  • Axial load: 1600 daN
  • Radial load: 1450 daN
  • Overturning torque: 34 DaNm


Max speed: 30 rpm

Peak torque: 180 Nm

Max applicable inertia: 5 Kg m2

Working positions

Mounting positions

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