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Index Tables with Lift (mechanical or pneumatic)

The rotary table with mechanical lift is not in itself a manipulator, but it performs the functions.

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It is a normal indexing table fixed on a plate below which, also fixed, there is an oscillator or an intermittent parallel axis (OP or AP).
On the output shaft of the oscillator / intermittent drive is keyed an eccentric, on the periphery of which slides the end of a shaft, whose other end can be fastened to a disc (see figure below), or move freely.
The disk (normally used if the weight to be lifted is remarkable) moved by the above, flowing in four columns by means of recirculating ball bushings.
The timing of motion between the table and AP / OP is ensured by a chain; when the table rotates l 'AP / OP is stopped, while when the table is in pause the oscillator wheel and with it the eccentric cam which raises or lowers the shaft and the attached disk.
The set may have a (in the case where the ignition timing table-AP / OP is implemented through a chain) or two engines; in the latter case the ignition timing is done electronically.

The AP / OP with relative eccentric may be replaced by a pneumatic cylinder, in this case one speaks of pneumatic lift.
The timing is done electronically and the engine is always double. fac simile prescrizione medica cialis


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