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Linear Manipulation

BRM2 manipulator is a mechanic unit transform, by two double sides cams and transfer arms, continuous rotation of inlet shaft into linear displacement of horizontal and vertical stroke.
These are easily adjustable changing position of rotating center on transmission arms.
Stroke X horizontal can be adjusted from 75-200 mm; stroke Y vertical can be adjusted from 30-75 mm.
Possible different configurations of the movements are illustrated here follow in working cycles.
The manipulator UML 300 is a unit which converts mechanical rotating uniform shaft of entry into rectilinear movement of the horizontal run and vertical, through a trio of cam drum, whose shape determines the type of cycle that is executed.
It is normally used as an accelerator of pallets. It can carry heavy loads (up to 70 kg).
Manipulators MLE are mechatronic units powered by linear motors, so by electric motors where rotor and stator are not “rolled up”, but “unrolled”, and generate a linear force instead of a torque.
Contrary to the mechanical manipulators, motion is not transmitted by cams or mechanical gears, but by induced electromagnetic forces; thus also the mechanical wear is close to nil.

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